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Domestic violence prevention - signs that indicate emotional, mental, or physical abuse
Signs that indicate mental, physical and emotional abuse (specifically for males and their partners). Of note, this information easily transferrable to women and their partners.
Available languages: Farsi(21.14kB),

For you and your doctor, partners in health
Practical tips, in dual translation, to assist health care consumers to have a confident, informative and satisfactory interaction with health care professional providers.
Available languages: Farsi(86.09kB),

Help for Victims of Domestic Violence
Describes early signs of physical and emotional abuse. Lists help available.
Available languages: Farsi(551.88kB),

Help us to protect your infant/child
Advice on how to protect your newborn from a potential abduction (kidnapping) by strangers--in the hospital and at home.
Available languages: Farsi(49.31kB),

Leaving Domestic Violence: A Safety Planning Checklist
Signs of abuse to watch for and steps to take to prepare for leaving situation.
Available languages: Farsi(114.77kB),

Relaxation methods for help in pain relief
Relaxation can help prevent severe pain in the early stages after surgery, and help with recovery, as well as assist pain medications to work better. Techniques are described that can also be used at other times, to assist with relaxation and pain relief.
Available languages: Farsi(105.28kB),

Taking care of your cast
How to take care of a plaster of Paris cast. A cast is used to hold an arm or a leg from moving while a broken bone heals. Plaster of Paris is a white stone-like substance that dissolves in water. This brochure also explains symptoms that might occur as a result of wearing a cast, and what to do if you experience these symptoms.
Available languages: Farsi(66.48kB),

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