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Becoming a MLHEN partner saves time and money. We are a venue to direct collaboration with specialists in a range of health topics-this saves your agency time in research. MHLEN provides access to networking for reliable advice on translation, interpretation, proofreading, and web/print formatting issues. Health care professionals often check our site before spending on translation. If something has already been translated, then costs are saved. No more duplication of materials! MLHEN enhances your health agency profile through Internet exposure and partnership in a community-based venture.


The Basics

  • To become a MLHEN contributing partner, have your agency representative contact the Coordinator [link]. The amount of the financial contribution (tax deductible) is calculated based on the financial means of your organization.

  • All contributing partners have equal say in the decision-making and receive equal attention from MLHEN staff.

  • All contributing partners get to upload health related translated documents (and original English version) and a fixed amount of proofreading words per year at no extra cost. MLHEN is not a translation/interpretation service.

  • In specific cases, MLHEN does upload unilingual source material (English or other) with a long-term commitment to translate such material to at least one second language.

  • All contributing partners are bound by our Terms of Reference and accept a commitment to collaborate in further development and implementation of Standards for Translation.

The Basics
Terms of Reference

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